The Nepal Climbing Team (NCT) is a non-profit organization established by climbers of Nepal with the purpose of promoting adventures sports. We strive to promote Nepal as a destination for adventure sports including ice climbing, rock climbing and sport climbing.

The Nepal Climbing Team Vision

  • Training and encouraging athletes in Ice Climbing and Sport Climbing.
  • To organize ice climbing and sport climbing competitions of national and international level.
  • Empowering encouraging  Nepali women and girls to achieve their dreams in adventure sport.

NCT Executive

Vinayak Jay Malla (Chief  Executive Director) is a successful climber and an extensively qualified and experienced IFMGA guide and instructor; he has been climbing and expedition-leading professionally since 2009. Over the last decade Vinayak has engaged in continuous professional development, and participated in various expedition leading courses. Excelling as a high altitude freelance guide with a strength as a technical climber, Vinayak has led successful expeditions on Everest (8 848 m), Lhotse (8 516 m), Manaslu (8 156 m), Ama Dablam (6 812 m) and many additional Himalayan peaks. Beyond the borders of Nepal, Vinayak has experience climbing in the European Alps as well as India where he is a member and volunteer instructor with the International Federation for Climbing and Mountaineering.

Vinayak Jay Malla

Bishnu Tamang (Board of Directors) is a professional Tour Guide certified by the Nepal Government. He has been in the climbing and tourism scene for over a decade now. He has contributed in numerous events happening in Nepal. With A Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from NATHM and currently doing his Masters in Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology. Bishnu has always aimed to establish Nepal as a leading country in Adventure Sports in the world.

Bishnu Tamang

 Sangam K.C. (Board of Directors) is a hardworking athlete who has represented Nepal in various International climbing competitions. Active in the national climbing scene for more than a decade, Sangam is a professional tour and mountaineering guide currently working towards a Master’s degrees in Travel and Tourism Management.

Sangam K.C.

Mingma Sherpa (Board of Directors) has repeatedly won the National Sport Climbing Championships and was the first athlete to ever represent Nepal in the international rock climbing scene. In additional to being a professional rock climber, Mingma coaches young aspiring climbers, is a route setter climbing competitions and has been an expedition and trekking operator for more than 17 years.

Mingma Sherpa

Late Dhurba Bista (Board of Director) has been in the mountaineering and ice climbing since 2011. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism, he continuously worked to advocate for the betterment of mountaineering in Nepal.

Late Dhruba Bista
Nepal Climbing Team Board of Directors
From left: Mingma Sherpa, Late Durba Bista, Vinayak Jay Malla, Bishnu Tamang, Sangam K.C.