Keeping the motto of Visit Nepal 2020 in mind, we have come forth with this unique project.  Nepal is famous for Mountaineering, Trekking, World Heritage Sites and Bio Diversity. But there are much more in Nepal to explore than just regular recreational activities.

We would like to introduce and take the Ice Climbing Sport further as an extreme adventure activity in Nepal. The “Manang Ice Climbing Festival 2019” is an ambitious project of “Nepal Climbing Team (NCT)” to recognize Nepal as the major ice climbing hub in the world.

About the Organizer

Nepal Climbing Team”NCT” is anon-profit organization established by the Climbers of Nepal with the purpose of promoting adventures sports. We strive to promote the tourism and tourism sports in this locality, state and in the Nation through Sports like Ice Climbing, Rock climbing and many more outdoorsports.

Our Vision:

  • Training and encouraging athletes in Ice Climbing and Sport Climbing.
  • To organize ice climbing and sport climbing competitions of National and International level.
  • Empowering encouraging  Nepali women and girls to achieve their dreams in adventure sport.